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Starward crafts whisky for the bold, creative and irrepressibly curious food lovers out there. And Michelin, of course, has been the leading authority in the culinary arts since they launched their first restaurant guide back in 1920. We are both enthusiasts and catalysts of culinary innovation, and now our stars have aligned. Starward is proud to be the Official Whisky Partner of the MICHELIN Guide.


Over the next 12 months we'll be working with the MICHELIN Guide on a G*Astronomy series to shine a light on chefs from newly Michelin rated restaurants in Chicago, Los Angels, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, DC. We hope this inspires you as much as it does all of our team to go bold with Starward and bring whisky to your dinner table.

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Introducing our first episode from our G*Astronomy series in partnership with the MICHELIN Guide.

Hear the incredible story behind Porto Restaurant's Executive Chef, Marcos Campos - a rising star chef and one of the youngest recipients of a Michelin Star.
Marcos takes us behind the scenes of his Chicago restaurant, described by the MICHELIN Guide as “seriously striking, intensely dedicated, and supremely delicious”, to show us exactly how he pairs our whisky with his lauded Portuguese and Spanish coastal inspired cuisine.




  • 2 ounces Two-Fold Whisky
  • .25 ounce nori infused demerara
  • 2 drops of kelp tincture
  • 2 dashes Angostura and orange bitters
  • Cherry Wood smoke

Stir ingredients over ice, pour into cherry wood smoked glass with a large ice sphere and garnish with
charred orange peel.



  • 2 ounces Two-Fold Whisky
  • .75 ounce squid ink and wakame infused honey
  • .75 ounce lemon juice
  • 1 egg white

Dry shake ingredients together, then shake with ice. Fine strain into a coupe. Express lemon peel.
Garnish with squid ink powder and flower petals.

G*Astronomy Series | Episode 2: True Laurel Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the imaginative restaurant, True Laurel, in San Francisco. Created by Chef David Barzelay and Bar Master/Co-Owner, Nicolas Torres, it’s the cool, younger sibling of two-star MICHELIN Restaurant, Lazy Bear.
Dive into True Laurel's food and drink philosophy and see how the team pairs our whisky with their refined comfort food.

True Laurel Sagan Summer


  • Starward Two-Fold
  • House Strawberry Caraway
  • Pet-Nat
  • Wolfamer
  • Pineau De Charentes
True Laurel Pet Friendly cocktail

Sagan Summer

  • Starward Whisky
  • House Creme De Peche
  • Manzanilla
  • Reisling

G*Astronomy Series | Episode 3 : Mélisse Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the revival story behind Mélisse in Santa Monica, California and veteran Chef Josiah Citrin. Be inspired by the revival story behind Josiah's 14 seat intimate restaurant where our Starward cocktails have the perfect balance of flavours to pair with luxurious dishes.



  • 2oz Starward Whisky
  • .75 walnut liquor
  • .75 cinnamon Demerara
  • 1oz lemon juice
  • 3 dash of Peychaud bitters
  • Rosemary garnish
Melisse cocktail One Of Those Nights


  • 2 oz Starward Whisky
  • .5 Bigallet China China
  • .5 St Germain
  • 3 dash Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters
  • Grapefruit peel garnish

G*Astronomy Series | Episode 4: Restaurant Jean Georges, NY, New York City

Drinking Starward Whisky With Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his namesake restaurant, Two Star Jean-Georges in New York City.

Starward Sazerac


  • 2oz Starward Two Fold whisky
  • 1oz Cynar
  • 3/4 oz Carpano Antica sweet vermouth
  • 1/4 oz Amaro nonio
  • 3 dashes Fee Brothers cherry bitters
  • Rinse with Kubler Absinthe
Starward Boulevardier

Starward Boulevardier

  • 1oz Starward Two Fold whisky
  • 1oz Campari
  • 1oz Carpano Antica formula vermouth
  • 3 dashes Peychaud's bitters

G*Astronomy Series | Episode 5 : Restaurant Maydān, Washington, D.C.

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Maydān, a Middle Eastern culinary town square in Washington DC.

Part 5 of the MICHELIN x Starward G*Astronomy Series profiles Maydān, the Michelin-one-star restaurant of Sicilian-Lebanese restaurateur, Rose Previte. Tucked away in an alley in DC’s U Street neighborhood, walking into Maydān is like stumbling upon a hidden town square. The roaring hearth is the centerpiece of the restaurant, around it, the sensory draw and spirit of a Moroccan souk bring guests together for a nightly celebration.


Ottoman Old Fashioned

  • 2.25oz Starward Two-Fold
  • 0.50oz Smoked Date Molasses
  • 2 dashes Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitter
  • 2 dashes Fee Brothers Plum Bitters

In a yarai or mixing glass, add all ingredients and stir well with ice. Strain your mixture into a rocks glass and top with ice. Garnish with a dehydrated orange slice, and lemon twist.


Sumac Lemonade

  • 1.50oz Starward Two-Fold
  • 0.75oz Clarified Lemon Juice
  • 0.50oz Sumac Syrup
  • 0.50oz Chareau Aloe Liqueur

Combine all ingredients in a cold iSi canister, seal and shake well. Charge your canister with CO2 and shake gently to incorporate the gas. Pour your mixture into a chilled Collins glass and top with ice. Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel and verjus soaked barberries.


Our whisky is the most food friendly whisky you will ever taste.

Our Founder, David Vitale, is a self-confessed foodie, who was inspired by his hometown of Melbourne, to bring his love of whisky and food to dinner tables right across the world.

Starward whiskies are unique. We age our spirit in juicy Australian ex-red wine barrels to craft an incredible unique flavour profile that pairs perfectly with good food (and great company).