Octave Barrels – Starward Projects Release

Single Malt Whisky

700ml / 48%

Our first ever Starward Projects release in the USA. This is a modern whisky, shaped by an icon of Australian red wine. We aged in Yalumba’s The Octavius Shiraz barrels to produce a beautifully balanced symphony of flavours. Raisin, anise, and caramel notes perfectly meld with the rich and opulent, dark fruits.

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Aged in history.

It took some of the world’s oldest Shiraz plantings, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery and Starward’s progressive red-wine-barrel maturation to make this distinctly Australian single malt.

When a whisky speaks to Australia’s wine heritage – and Australia’s whisky future – you know it’ll be delicious. Especially when it brings the bold flavours you’d expect from Barossa Shiraz barrel maturation.

Yalumba’s The Octavius is one of the world’s few red wines which has been aged in these specialty 100L barrels. Once The Octavius was bottled, the freshly emptied barrels were sent to our Port Melbourne distillery and filled with our signature single malt.

These American oak barrels aged our whisky more intensely. The smaller volume created more wood-whisky interaction, allowing this single malt to soak up more celebrated The Octavius Shiraz characteristics as it fully matured.

Tasting notes

Colour / Auburn

Aroma / Rich, full-bodied expression. Red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak

Palate / Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone

Finish / Toasted marshmallow on the finish